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Versioning in Confluence Wireframes


Is there any form of versioning for wireframes done using the Confluence wireframe plugin? Currently, everytime I update the wireframe, I have to summarize the changes in an email for the rest of the team. Would be nice if the rest of my team could use a built-in tool to see what has changed from the prior version of the wireframe to the current.

Hey @rye,

Really interesting question, my friend. We don’t have plans for this right now (aside from tying versions of the wireframes to versions of the Confluence page), but it’s an interesting idea.

What would you like to see? Something similar to Confluence’s versioning where you can compare two versions of a page?

Let me know, and I will get it written up.

Hey, thanks for being receptive to this. I feel a lot of people could benefit from this beyond me.

Yeah, as you mentioned, something similar to Confluence would be good as an overview for all the different versions of the wireframe. Then, after picking off two versions to compare or clicking on a button like “Compare to previous”, it’d be awesome if a screen similar to below could textually and graphically summarize/highlight the changes. It’s a big ask but it’d be amazing if you could pull it off.


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Makes complete sense to me. Let me write it up! If this would be useful to other folks, either like this comment, or comment below. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea, @rye. Let me know if you have others.

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