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Vertical Alignment in datagrid


Hi, is there a way to set vertical alignment (top, middle, bottom) in datagrid? I see horizontal alignment but not sure how to do vertical alignment.



Hi @liuyue,
Adding a line return before or after your text will move it to the top or bottom of the cell.

Top: add \r after the text.

Bottom: add \r before the text.

Middle: this is the default.

Give it a try and let me know if that works for you :slight_smile:


I guess this sort of works (1 , , ,\r \r \r ), allowing me to center the 1 in a triple row. I see what you are saying but it’s clumsy…



Actually it doesn’t seem to work. For a single row (6 /r, , , ,), this is not aligning the 6 to top.


Took me a while to notice, but in your single row example, the line return uses a forward slash (/r) instead of a backslash (\r). When I use \r in a single row it did align the 6 to the top. Let me know if that works for you.

I agree this is a clumsy workaround. I’ll check with the team about adding a feature request for a better solution.

Thanks for helping us improve!


Thanks phil for catching the typo. again, this sort of works but doesn’t move the text up far enough to be called top aligned. would be great to see a real vertical alignment feature which is a common function for any application deals with text formating.