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View and Alternate Version settings not kept when moving between computers


I work on my projects on different computers in different locations. After I sign in on a new computer I notice that my app settings (mainly the View menu items) are not as I had them on the previous computer. I waste time sorting this out, and setting everything up to the way I like to work.

More alarmingly, the correct (the last I had selected) Alternate Version is not selected for each wireframe. My project has >40 wireframes in it – you understand how time consuming (and difficult) it is to set this right, and get to the point where I had left off last?

This is killing my joy of the app.

Are user settings being stored as a cookie? Why not server side?


Hi @Christopher and sorry for the hassle.

You’re right, those settings are stored locally but our keyboard shortcuts may help you get to the desired state quicker (only a few keystrokes).

Regarding the alternate versions, we also have a feature that can help with this. We call it project alternates and you can find all the details on this page.

Would that help with the mentioned issues?

We’ll be here if you have more questions. :slight_smile:


Keyboard shortcuts for View settings: yes quicker, but still creates unnecessary cognitive load. Why make the user do that at all? Have the app in the same state they last used it in.

Project alternates: does not work for me. I don’t have “a set of alternate designs across several wireframes”. I just have alternate designs for each wireframe (the different designs are not related / carried-through to other wireframes).

Why not just store the settings server side? Is there a good reason not to?


That’s a very good question, @Christopher and I’ll raise it with our dev team. We’ll see if we can improve this for the future.