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View created Balsamiq mockup (desktop version) on phone


Hi I am new to Balsamiq. I have created a mockup using Balsamiq desktop version(purchased). I want to view on my phone in order to conduct guerrilla testing. Can this be done using desktop version? If so, can you step me through on how to view this on my phone?



hi @digidoodles,

I have my way viewing my mockups on the mobile. After I finish working on a mockup project, I export it to PDF and then upload on a mobile device. Then if I have links in the project, the prototype on my mobile will be clickable and look pretty much real. So if you want to have a clickable prototype, it must be PDF, if you want to show a bunch of pictures, export to PNG. For me that works perfect, and I don’t need to buy myBalsamiq.


Thanks a million for that!