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Viewing .bmml (and one day .bmpr) file in a web page


We’re sharing our mockups on an internal wiki. It would be enormously helpful if there a way to render a bmml file directly in a web page, using some sort of javascript plugin, but I haven’t found anything to do that. Does it exist? All I’ve seen so far are offline converters and exporters.

Lacking that, right now I need to attach the bmml files (for sharing) and PNG exports of each mockup (for viewing in the wiki page). This is tedious at best.

To be clear, I’m not looking for a conversion of mockups to live working HTML and JS a la Napkee. I just want to be able to view a mockup in a web page, using a bmml file as source.

Is such a thing plausible? If not, is there any other efficient way to handle sharing and viewing of mockups within a web-based environment?

(for bmpr files, would it be crazy to embed a PNG preview to make this sort of thing easier?)


Hi @NeilWeinstock, have you considered using myBalsamiq, our web app? That’s what it was built for! :smile: has all the details.


I think in this case we’d prefer to be using the desktop version (perhaps because we’ve already paid for several licenses :wink:). But I will look into the cloud version.

Do I take it then that there is no direct solution for what I originally asked?


Hey Neil, you are right—there is no direct solution right now for that. As Peldi mentioned, our web app was built just for this. You can actually get some significant savings toward the web app for the desktop licenses you have already purchased. Check out details here: Hope that helps!


OK, I’m looking into MyBalsamiq. Will see how it goes with a free trial for a while.