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Visual links from mockup to mockup


Firstly I’m going to apologise in advance as I’m a total newbie to this artform.
I’m working on a mobile phone app mockup and now have some 15+ screens already and am wondering if there is a view in balsamiq that present,s on screen or page, all the mockup phone screens and shows lines to other screens where I’ve added links?
Thanks, Hugh


Hi Hugh.

There is a feature request for what you want.
But there is a “sitemap generator” which may help you:

  1. create a new mockup in your project
  2. add “sitemap” (not the icon)
  3. click “Populate from Project”
  4. enjoy a sitemap with links of your project structure


Hi @Hugh and welcome to our forums! :slightly_smiling:

Here is the Sitemap feature that @heringsfilet suggested (thanks for the assist):

I assume you’d like to see also the links between your screens, correct?
While we don’t have this feature implemented yet, it is something we have discussed already in the past. I’ve added your vote and comments to the request and we’ll discuss it further with the team, thanks for reviving the topic!

Please let us know if you need anything else, Hugh. We’re always happy to help!