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Wacom Intuos not working in balsamiq


I have window + google drive balsamiq + Wacom Intuos. But I am not able to work with my wacom. My press & selection are working funny. If I select a item & try to move, the whole working space moves but the item doesn’t.

Is there a way to fix it?


Hi @Kalaisri and thanks for reaching out!

While we don’t support pen/stylus devices for now, I’m adding your report in our internal tracker and we’ll discuss improving it with the team for the future.

For now, we recommend using a mouse or trackpad if possible.

Any other questions, we’re here!


@ Virgin
Thank you so much.

Does stylus work with downloaded balsamiq version?
Coz I remember using tablet/stylus in balsamiq.


It may, @Kalaisri. We have heard of people having luck with it. It can vary from Wacom to Wacom, though.

If you need a trial license for the desktop version, shoot me an email and we will get you set up.