Want to share my project via URL, not pdf


i see how to geta permalink for a mockup, but when i reference this page the links don;t work to other mockups i have in the project. i should be able to share a url, and show it to people who are not balsamiq members. must be an obvious way to do this, but couldn’t find it.


Hey @bglads,

Sorry for the confusion with this. We are in the process of tweaking our myBasalmiq documentation to make it easier to find stuff like this.

What I think you are looking for is the Prototype View Link. It’s on your project homepage in the upper right corner:

Let me know if that’s what you were looking for. :slight_smile:


exactly! thank you


Hey I can’t find the prototype view link in the top right corner to share my project via link, Please I need help


Hi @Gemy,

The Prototype View link option is only available in myBalsamiq.

In case you are looking for a similar option in Mockups 3 for Desktop, you may want to try the PDF export, which is one of the best ways to share a project with others.

Hope this helps! Anything else, we’re here.


Where can I finde something similar in balsamiq for google drive?


Hi @Nana,

While this specific option is not available in Balsamiq Wireframes for Google Drive, the different ways to share a project are listed on this page.

Please let us know if you have more questions. :slight_smile: