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Web demo claims flash is not installed in iceweasel (debian branded firefox) even if flash 11.2 is installed


Hi there,

I’m trying the web-demo because i used balsamiq before (mostly on windows machines) and want to evaluate if balsamiq is usable for our mixed development team with windows, mac ans unix workplaces.
My macine has debian installed and i also installed the newest available flash version for linux. reports my flash version is working:
Your Flash Version:
Your browser name: Firefox
Your Operating System (OS): Linux

Despite that reports:
"Flash Player 10 or higher required"
and only presents an empty page.

I have not signed up for the mybalsamiq webapp trial because i wanted to check if the fundamentals do, before wasting multiple days of my trial with flash troubleshooting.

Is this an known problem or should this set-up work?



Hey @stevit, I’m really sorry about that.

It looks like Firefox doesn’t like the webdemo because it’s not behind https (we are going to fix this). This likely has to do with them being super careful with the old version of Flash. I have tested myBalsamiq, and that works fine (it is behind https) on Ubuntu’s Firefox, so I assume it should work well in Iceweases. You can sign up for a 30 day trial here!

Flash on Linux is probably going to become stickier and stickier. The only version of Flash that gets updated on Linux is Chrome’s Pepper Flash. The good news is that we are moving away from Flash, and this won’t be a worry for much longer.

Let me know if you need help getting set up! We are here to assist however we can :slight_smile:


Ok mybalsamiq works. thats good to know.
Perhaps you should add an note to the demo-page that this will (for now) not work on old flash versions.

Please note that the link to the tos in the registration process does not work:
“I agree to Balsamiq’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” links to which ends up in an (quite cute) 404 page,


Thanks for the report about the link @stevit, we just fixed it.

Please let us know if you need anything else, we’re always happy to help!


Does this fix require an additional publish on your side?
I still see the old link. Can you provide the correct destination url here?


Checking that now @stevit.

Sorry for the hassle. Here is the correct URL in the meantime:


thanks a lot.