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Weird behaviour in pasting copied items


This is a bug that sometimes blocks me from using Balsamiq efficiently. Unfortunately I cannot give any details on when exactly this happens.
When I copy an element and paste it, the paste does not happen. First I will have to deselect the element that I just copied. To make it worse: when I paste again after deselecting, the element appears not once but as many times as I tried pasting it before.
For example: I copy a rectangle and immediately want to paste it. It does not work, so I deselect it and paste it again. The rectangle appears twice and I have to delete one.


That sounds frustrating @bhaering, sorry about that.

We can’t reproduce this one but next time it occurs, could you please share more details via so we can investigate further?

It would be useful to know which browser and OS you’re using when facing this issue, as well as the version you’re working from. You might also want to try different projects to make sure it’s not specific to one in particular.

We’ll do our best to help!


This has happened to me many times as well. I’m using the web browser version on Google Chrome and a 2015 MacBookPro on El Capitan. It happens whether I copy and paste within a project or from one project to another.


Hrm, so this is when using copying to duplicate items in a project (or across multiple projects), @icris.diaz?

I’m not sure if we have an El Cap machine to test this on, but if you shoot us an email, it may be easier to troubleshoot this over email.

I’m sorry for the trouble, my friend. We will do whatever we can to get to the bottom of this.


It happens over multiple projects. I have a MacBook Pro (2015) with macOS Mojave (newest Version) and I’m using Firefox.
I will be looking out for it and send you more details when it happens again.