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What about plugins?


Dear Balsamiq team, will there be updates with plugins for Balsamiq? One of vector editors (it can be found easely) have tons of javascript plugins on a github. Just few use cases:

  1. {random, 1…34000} - will show random number from 1 to 34000 (syntax is for example only)
  2. {lorempixel, 320x240, city} - will show random picture on every instance of symbol (great for image placeholders)
  3. {avatar, 96x96} - will show random avatar

So you just need to place symbol Avatar and it will loads new random images for you. With plugins it will be easy to automate and speed up (more) mockup developing.


While it’s not something we have on our roadmap, @MrTwister, it’s an interesting idea.

I’ll talk to the team about it, and see where other folks land :smile:

Thanks for passing your idea along!