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What are Square Breaklines in border style ( rectangle )


I drew a rectangle on screen and in the inspector saw the Border style options

    • No Border
    • Square
    • Rounded Corner
    • Dashed
    • Square Breakline Bottom
    • Square Breakline Top

The first 4 work as intended. I tried toggling the Breakline options to see what would happen, since I was trying to find a way to hide only the bottom border. But nothing seems to happen to the rectangle except a blink and no change.

Is something broken or this has some significance?


Well I figures it out. Looks like they do show break line but they only start to appear once the height of the rectangle is over 40.
Since I was using rectangle to create a toolbar the height was always under 40 and so it was not making any visual difference on the screen.

Is it expected though that the breaklines would not appear if height is < 40 ?


Hi @Stallion_V,

That certainly appears to be the case but let me double-check and get back to you, ok?


:pray:t2: @alasdair


Hi again @Stallion_V!

This is indeed expected because the breakline options are meant to indicate continuation when a control is too big for the canvas, as detailed here.

That being said, you can achieve your need by following these steps:

  • Select the Rectangle control
  • Group it
  • Crop it to remove the bottom border

Hope this helps! Anything else, we’re here. :slight_smile:

Feature Request : Ability to hide individual borders in components like rectangle