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What are the plans for myBalsamiq version 3?



I am eager to switch from Google Drive to MyBalsamiq, but have become addict to 3.0. Any ideas on the timing for myBalsamiq version 3 ?



Hello Alain. No ETA at the moment, but know that it’s our #1 priority right now, we’re working on it as fast as we can, but it will take a while longer…hang tight!


Hello peldi,
Any news on the progress towards mybalsamiq 3 ?
How can I see the current version of mybalsamiq (in case I miss the announcement on your blog) ?

Best regards,


Hi @Alain_Dresse, no news to share yet. We are working very hard on it and figuring out ways to possibly do some in-between steps so that we can start delivering you the v.3 goodness without you having to wait too long. We should hopefully have a first step out by the end of this month, early Sep.