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What do you think of these Mockups? Are we missing any awesome websites?


We just produced an article on 35 of the hottest website designs (desktop and mobile), in which we’ve done mockups for each of their desktop and mobile sites:

Just click “Desktop Wireframe” and “Mobile Wireframe” under each to see them. Let me know what you think and if there are any awesome websites we should add? We’d definitely appreciate any feedback. We love balsamiq, so we thought we’d put it out to the community to see if there’s any other awesome designs to feature.




Perhaps this forum is not the best place to try and generate traffic for your blog posts.



@Ulrich_Schroeder I agree it’s pushing it a bit, but I’m not big on censorship either, let’s just leave it here, it’s just forums…



Duly noted.



Hey guys,

I appreciate that - and apologies if I missed the mark here at all. We’ve been doing 70 of these mockups over the past few weeks, so we’re pretty excited about it and wanted to hear what the community thought.

Thanks for your feedback here.

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Sites missing



@win7guru, you old wit!