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What does right-justified label text actually do?


I created 6-8 labels for fields, then wanted them all right-justified rather than left. Selected them all, made them right-justified. Then, select them all and right-align the text fields. Great! Right-aligned labels.

Now I go back and edit one of them. Unless I’m missing something, it’s still left-aligning so I need to repeat the right-align selection process above.



Hey @Danielsan, I’m really sorry for the trouble with this.

Are you seeing this issue all the time, or only when the label’s are set to autosize? I ask because there is an alignment bug with autosized controls that we are working on fixing for our next release.

If you are seeing this across all labels (even non-autosized) let me know and we will see what’s going on!

Thanks for taking the time to post about this. We really appreciate it :slight_smile:


(Falls out of chair because of the rapidness of the response. Dusts off self…)

Never even noticed the auto-size function but, indeed, if I drag the box wider, it sticks to the right side. If I make all of the boxes larger than the text contents, and THEN edit one of them, it behaves as expected.

You said “set to autosize”… It seems to be more of a “command” than a “setting”. Is that the case? Just curious.

Sounds like the bug is known and is being hunted down now. :slightly_smiling:


Ha, you say that and then it takes me an hour to get back to you. Sorry about that, @Danielsan! :slight_smile:

Autosize is a setting, as you suspect, not a command (sorry for my poor choice of words there) and it’s on by default.

However, if you resize the control size manually, or create the control using one of our Quick Draw commands, and then transform it, the setting will be off.

Let me know if that answers your questions.