What is the best way to manage multiple mockups / wireframes hierarchically in Balsamiq Cloud?


For instance i have a set of wireframes that make up different flows inmy application e.g. ;

a login page:

  • base page
    • base page with text filled in
    • base page with failed validation on the email address
    • base page with modal pop up explaining the requirements for password strength

Showing the resizing of widgets on a dashboard

  • base dashboard with widgets
    • resizing of widget
    • base dashboard after widget resized

is there any way to group into folders or hirearchy? I see some comments in previous posts but i think its for balsamiq desktop only?


Hi @bagsybags and welcome to our forums!

You can indeed use our hierarchy feature to organize your wireframes easily in a project since the feature is also available in Basamiq Cloud.

To use it, select the wireframe you wish to be the child and press Tab.
To restore it to the top level, use Shift + Tab.

More details on this page.

Hope this helps! We’ll be here if you need anything else. :slight_smile:


Pretty embarrassing not to spot that - i honestly did read the manual !!
Thanks for the quick response…


That’s on us, Liam! We will figure out a way to make the feature more discoverable.

Thanks for pointing that out! :slight_smile: