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What's the best practice for dealing with file bloat?


Given that mockups are iterative, and I build on them over time (copying mockups from other files into a new project), I’ve found that bloat in terms of file sizes and assets is getting pretty bad. It looks like there will be a fix for symbol duplication soon ([Bug] Copying mockup with symbols to other projet duplicates the symbols/assets) which is great.

Will there be a fix for asset duplication too? For example, if I have a screenshot I’m using to build all of my mockups on, I end up with 5+ of the same (large) screenshot in my assets (not symbol). I went through one file and cleaned them up, leaving just 1 version of it and saved 1mb (reducing a 5mb file to 4mb) - so it was a significant savings. However, when I did that, all of my assests now are “not found”. Is there a way to say "point this asset to the 1 remaining asset? I couldn’t figure it out - I thought I’d be able to double click on the image and be able to select a pre-loaded asset OR an image (but I didn’t save the image since I just copied and pasted it right into the project).

Any other strategies for dealing with file bloat to be aware of?


Hi @grebe, we’re both fixing file bloat and improving this particular workflow in the next release. To update an asset, you’ll see a new “Update new version” menu in the little asset menu (and right-click menu), which will swap out the contents but maintaining the references, so no more “not found”!

You should be able to try it here already if you want: