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When creating a new project, I'd like it to create one based on a template


We have many default symbols we’ve created to make our mockup process faster/easier. In Balsamiq2, we had shared assets so everyone had access to them. However, when Balsamiq3 was released, now there are projects which don’t point at a shared resource of assets.

The way we got around this is to have a standard file we tell everyone to copy and start with for any mockups they do. But sometimes people forget or don’t know about it and begin a mockup without it. This means wasted time for the person and inconsistently skinned widgets for our developers to react to.

Is there a way to always have Ctrl+Alt+N (Create project) always use a certain file as a base so that this happens automatically for our Balsamiq users?

It may be that this functionality already exists but I haven’t successfully found it yet. :slight_smile:


Hey @grebe!

This functionality is missing from Mockups for Desktop 3, I’m sorry about that. But you are not the first person to ask for it, and it is something we are talking about.

Your comments will help further that conversation, so thank you for that :). Please keep the requests and ideas coming :slight_smile: