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When do I use a Textbox vs. a Title as the UX control?

This question is really about the question from a designer’s point of view? Obviously, I am not. The two controls seem to overlap?


Hi @achalk,
You can resize the text in nearly all of our controls, so it doesn’t really matter, but one reason to use the Title and Subtitle controls separately is to indicate different levels of hierarchy (or visual importance) to add structure to your UI.

Using those different controls without changing their sizes manually will also help you not use too many different text sizes, which can be confusing to users.

Here’s an article called “How to Use Visual Hierarchy and Alignment to Improve UI Design” that explains this idea more.

Hope this helps.

I was really asking about when and how UI designers choose a title vs. a textbox. They seem functionally the same.


Thanks for the link!