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When exporting as a PNG or PDF can the default location be the folder of the file I am editing

When exporting mockups as a PNG or PDF can the default location in the chooser be the folder of the file I am currently editing?

Each feature enhancement we deliver has a unique folder which is used to store all related files, including mockups.

When I want to generate PNGs to PDFs of those mockups I always want them to be stored within that unique folder. (PNGs in a sub folder, PDF alongside the BMPR.)

This would be made effortless if the default location for exporting was the folder of the file I was exporting from.

At the moment I have to navigate out of the last folder I exported to for another mockup and into the folder it should actually go in. Fixing this would be a major win for me! :slight_smile:

I am typically working on at least 10 sets of separate BMPR files at any one time. (And a quick search shows I have created more than 300 files since I have been using Balsamiq.)

Saving locations are a much hotter topic than one would expect, I think.

This is a good idea, but I worry that moving the default location from the last save location will upset the applecart.

When the default location changed a few versions back (due to a bug), we got a lot of emails, so I think we are a little shy about changing it again.

With that said, I will file this, and we can talk about it. :slight_smile: Thanks for always bringing us stuff like this, Paul. It means a lot.

@Brendan Thank you for the response.

If using the last save location as the default is important to some users it would be useful having this as an option for the product - so that the user could choose.

I know it is important to keep options to a minimum but this would definitely save me time with every new mockup I create.

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