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When I copy/paste a symbol, the customizations are now sometimes lost


I just upgraded to B3 3.1.7 and are working differently now than they were previously. Sometimes (not consistenty), when I copy a symbol from one mockup to another (in the same project), the customizations of my symbol are lost.

For example, I have a symbol called “footnote” which is 12pt font, grey, italic. The default text is “Footnote”, but I always customize it because I created a symbol just to be able to keep consistent styling. However, now when I copy my “(Less common)” footnot (e.g. the text has been changed) to another slide, it pastes, but it now reverts to “Footnote”.

Again, this isn’t every time (I can’t find the pattern behind when it happens and when it doesn’t), but it’s frequent. Thoughts?


Hey @grebe!

I’m having trouble reproducing that here. Would you be comfortable sending your BMPR file to We would keep your data in the strictest confidence and only use the file for as long as we needed to diagnose the issue.

Let me know if that works for you!


Unfortunately, I’m not able to send it along as it contains proprietary information. I’ve tried recreating it in a more sanitized document and haven’t yet succeeded (trying lots of different combos). I will keep trying and pass along more information or hopefully an example as I have it. Interesting to hear that it’s not something you’ve heard before.