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When i open my bmpr project show this msg 6023: Error #3123


Hey guys,
I need some help.
When i open my bmpr project, show this msg 6023: Error #3123,
I’m try kill the task,but the error persists.

I need to open this project my work is there…


Hi @Renan_Barreto

I am sorry for the hazzle.

I assume you opened a bmpr file from Mockups for Google Drive with Balsamiq Mockups 3. From the outside they currently the same but they are not…

Can you please send us the bmpr file to

Alternatively you can revert the file one revision in your Google Drive.
Then export the bmpr to zip as explained here:
Next import the zip to a new project in Balsamiq Mockups 3:


@Florian_Brauer it actually happened to me after my computer froze, I restarted in Safe Mode and that 3123 appeared. I closed the window and the New Mockup screen was behind it.