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When Overriding a Symbols Properties in a Wireframe I can copy and paste additional objects

Whilst I cannot add new objects when overriding a symbol, I have found that version 4.1.6 on the Mac allows me to copy and paste into the overridden symbol.

The changes are reflected in the mockup BUT saving, closing and then reloading sees the objects missing from the overridden symbol.

Whilst I would love to be able to add objects to an overridden symbol, I don’t believe this is a current capability so it would be good if this copy/paste capability was prevented since the changes made don’t persist past a save. (I thought I was editing a normal group and not a symbol and small changes I had made disappeared when I reloaded.)

Nice catch, @paulshoughton!

It is a bug indeed and it will be fixed in our next release. Copy/pasting content shouldn’t be allowed in this scenario.

Thanks for reporting it! :slight_smile: