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When returning to a different page, copy of pre-selected elements doesn't work actually copy


In Mockups 3.5.16:
Let’s say I have 3 “pages” in my .bmpr file: p1, p2, and p3.

I’m working on p3 making edits. I remember that I have a circle over on p1 that I want to copy and paste into my p3 page. I navigate back to p1. On p1, a circle shape is currently selected (because I had selected it previously). I want to copy it, and I don’t think I need to click on it again, because it’s already selected. So, I just hit my keyboard shortcut for “copy”. Then I go over to p3 and I hit my my keyboard shortcut for “paste”.

Sadly, the circle is not pasted. Something I had copied previously get pasted.

Apparently, copy doesn’t work on a pre-selected element. This messed me up time and time again. Is this a known issue? Possible solutions are: (1) Make it work as I expect or (2) when I navigate away from a page, de-select what has been selected. Btw, option 2 would make me sad as I find it useful for other reasons too!



Hi @grebe,

Thanks so much for the email and sorry for the annoyance here. I just did a quick check with simple, 3-wireframe project in Mockups 3 version 3.5.16. I see what you mean - the copy will copy whichever element was last selected, regardless of which wireframe is currently in focus. I can see this may be a little counter-intuitive.

There’s a bit of a good news bad news situation here… The bad news is that the existing desktop app is getting a little long in the tooth and needs an update. Not least to remove our dependency on the underlying framework it currently uses - Adobe Air which limits us in a number of ways.

The good news is that we’re well underway working on the new, native replacements for the macOS and Windows desktop apps. Indeed, as an indication of progress, we’ve already begun a limited public beta of the new, native apps.

I did a quick test of the new desktop beta and it looks like we’ve gone with option #2 - if you task away from a wireframe, all elements are deselected. I know that’s not your first choice but it’s an improvement over what we have.

So, to sum up, this is an issue in the current desktop app and it’s unlikely that it will be addressed until the new, native apps ship sometime later this year.

I’d ask others reading to weigh in on grebe’s two solutions - do you have a preference and, if so, which?

Thanks again for the report and all the best for now.


Thanks for the thorough update! I’ll be on the lookout for the new iteration. I hope the broader rewrite will fix some of the other bugs like the inability to sometimes click on the name of the slide and go there (fix is to quite Balsamiq and open it again and it fixes itself). Either way - I appreciate the big context and still love Balsamiq!