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When using alternates?

Hi Balsamiq team,

I am reading about alternates but I am a little confused on how and on what situations I need to use them?

I already asked you about wireframe that are pretty similar without (for exemple) adding a popup on one of them, I wanted to avoid duplucating them, you answered that I have no other choice than duplicate!

Can I use alternate to do that? I don’t think so

Can you provide an exemple from reality where using alternates has a sens?

Alternate allows you to have different versions of the same functionality (versions or modifications).
Say, you have mockup for the simple Login form. Then you want to add an option to sign-in with social networks (Google, Facebook, etc.).

So you create alternate version of the wireframe, and modify the form. So now you have:

  • Simple login form as an official version, and
  • Login form with social option as an alternative

When you presenting this form, you can easily switch between two versions. If social version wins, you just set it as an official version.

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Oh ok!!

Il is really for wireframes versionning. Interesting. Thanks.

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