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Where am I used


Morning all,
Is there a way to determine where a mockup is used, like symbols?

Mike P.


Hey there @Michael_Paparo,

Hope you’re doing well. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you need a way to search for a specific mockup within a project, right?
We don’t have that feature built in for now but I’m adding your vote for this one to make sure we continue to measure the need for it. Might be something we revisit once our native version is live.

Anything else, we’re here my friend.


Hello Virgin,
Doing great.

You use the term ‘search’ - Ok.
That may involve some user input or a menu selection.

When working with symbols, each symbol has a listing on the bottom right listing all the mu’s it’s used on - this is more like what I mean. Just a box that tells me where the mu I’m currently working on is used. No user intervention, no menu selection, just there to look at.



Thanks for sharing the details, Mike! Sorry for missing your point earlier.

We do have this feature since it allows to locate symbols everywhere it’s being used in a project. A similar feature wouldn’t make sense for a mockup since you have only one instance of that mockup per project, does that make sense?

I’d love to hear it if there is a use case that I’m missing here, please let me know if that is the case.