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Where can I find unsaved changes in cache?


This has bitten several members of our team and it just got me. I got interrupted working on a design and it did not get saved and I closed the browser and lost an hour of work. I know I should remembered to save, but it is not a natural behavior because no other application (adobe, microsoft, etc) requires this.

So know I am trying to find my work in my browser cache. I am not even sure if I was using Chrome or Firefox, so I need to look through both. From what i read my changes where saved in the cache, how can I find them?


Hi @advrider29

Yes we store unsaved data in the Flash Player Cache. All you need to do is reopen the editor. It will restore the data from the cache.

Since Chrome and Firefox use different Flash player versions you need to check both browsers.


Thanks! Unfortunately I had already opened both editors hoping to find my doc but it did not load. Is there a way I can search for the actual file?


I am sorry but the answer is no :worried:


Thanks for the fast response though. Any future thoughts of helping mybalsamiq users not loose unsaved work in a future release?


We are working towards instant saves like we already do in the desktop version and Balsamiq Mockups for Google Drive.

We have no ETA for this yet but we want it to give it to you as soon as possible.