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Where is the Cloud data stored


When we use the desktop version the data is stored on the machine.
I presume the data is stored on Balsamiq cloud servers when using the cloud version.
Do you guys offer enterprise cloud options. Since companies may not want their data to leave their servers.
What is the alternative.

Reason for asking.
We use desktop version and would really like to

  • Collaborate
  • Share the wireframes without forcing others to download the application
  • Use versioning
    All of these only seem possible in the cloud version.
    But the data leaving the enterprise servers is not a fancied option.

PS: By the way the desktop 3 app is so much more amazing.
Love the ease of use, specially the auto site map and transform features. Thanks a ton to the Balsamiq team.


Hi @Stallion_V,

Thanks for the post - it’s a great question.

Right now, our Balsamiq Cloud app is web-hosted which means there’s no option to self host. We do offer the desktop app - Mockups 3 for Desktop - which would allow you to specify where your projects are stored but, as you’ve identified, it’s more of a standalone app with more limited collaboration facility.

It’s a bit of a long shot but, if you guys are currently using either Jira Server or Confluence Server by Atlassian, we have plug-ins for both those products which allow you to edit wireframes directly in the apps.

And, unlike Atlassian’s Cloud versions, both Jira Server and Confluence Server are hosted by you on your servers. If you are not using Jira or Confluence Server, this doesn’t help you but if you’d like to read more:;


Thanks for the quick update.
Unfortunately those are not options that we can use currently.
I read there were plans to have some of these features in version 4 (fingers crossed).
One of the options would be to allow exporting project as a html/css version.
Previously I believe there was a 3rd party plugin that supported that, but looks like it no longer works.

I understand cloud probably allows you more of a subscription based model, but the same would also work for offline version. Enterprises would be happy to pay that for such a good product.



Hi @Stallion_V,

Thanks - I understand. We’re definitely working on the SaaS/subscription model for now and I’m not aware of any plans for an enterprise/self-hosted version but I will log your feedback formally as we track all such requests.

We have seen third-party tools which attempt to generate code directly from Balsamiq wireframes and, while there’s obviously convenience there, there’s also a pretty big tension between the fact that we consider ourselves a low-fidelity ideation tool, rather than a UI design tool. We do offer easy export to PDF/PNG and I think that, for now, those will be the main export options in the app.


Thanks. Yes the PDF export option works great for now, since it preserves all the aesthetics and links.
So nothing to complain there :slight_smile: