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Where is the normal (un)ordered list element?


I tried Balsamiq after few years again for prototyping website and I figured out that there is no (un)ordered list element. I got pissed off really well because it’s 2017 and I thought this is a no-brainer. Are the users really not using this basic HTML element? Or is everybody hacking it theirs own way?

What I expect:

  • simple list with set up unordered or ordered with wrapping the lines
  • simulation of css list-style-position inside or outside
  • icon for unordered list
  • adjustable line-height
  • normal text settings like in paragraph of text

and maybe later also nested lists.


Sorry for the frustration here, @Vaclav_Stoupa.

Our text control does have the ability to display an unordered list. We haven’t heard of much need outside of that, but I’m glad to know that it’s something you would like.

I will bring it up with the dev team. :slight_smile:


Thanks for reply. I haven’t known about this list functionality in text paragraph because it’s not showed in the example. It satisfy my basic needs. Thanks.