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Where to find URL for the prototype I created in Balsamiq Wireframes desktop version?

I am currently using a trial of Balsamiq wireframes for desktop. I am trying to find the URL for the prototype I created so I can paste in trymyUI to conduct a user test. I am a student doing this for a class, so I am just learning. Is this possible? I have tried to find the answer online but all I have found is that in Balsamiq Mockups there was a launch button that would show you the URL to share. I do not see that in the Balsamiq Wireframes for desktop.
Do I need a different version of Balsamiq? Is it available during the trial period?

Hoping someone can help. Thank you!

Hello @lermall and welcome to the forums!

Sorry for any confusion here but, if you are only using the desktop app - Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop - there’s no simple “one-click” way to share your project via a URL. That’s because, with the desktop app, your projects are stored on your local hard disk and it would be a big can of security and privacy worms to open up your hard disk to access via the public internet.

We do have a web-hosted version of the app - Balsamiq Cloud - which makes this much easier as your projects are hosted on the web (by us) so you can grant secure access to collaborators and also create a public sharing URL which sounds like it may work for your user test.

As with all versions of Balsamiq, our Cloud version comes with a free, 30-day trial so I’d suggest you give that a go and see how it works for you?

You can easily upload a project you have created with the desktop app to your Cloud trial. You can also connect the desktop app to your Cloud trial and access projects directly if you like.

We’re here and happy to help if you have any questions.

Thank you so much! It sounds like this might be the solution that I need. I am going to give it a try!

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Hi again!
So, I was successful in using Balsamiq wireframes cloud version and uploading my project from the desktop version. I see that there is a url to copy when I click on “share” however, when I pasted this in my tryMyUI use test, the link doesn’t open to show my prototype/wireframes.
Any idea if I am doing something wrong? Any tips you can offer? have you had success in using a Balsamiq URL in tryMYUI?

Thank you!

Hi @lermall!

It sounds like you’re looking for a Direct Link to the Full Screen Presentation Mode, correct?

Once you open the Full Screen Presentation Mode, this option is available from the settings panel, as shown below.


Hope this helps! Please let us know if you need anything else.