Where to set default font & wire style

I might be loosing my mind, by I know there was a way to change your wires to be “sketchy” or more precise looking, and a way to set default font for all objects. Now I can’t find that at the file level. How do I see those options?

Hi @TanyaG

Thanks for the post and sorry for the confusion.

We did a little tidying-up of the UI and moved those options to their own menu items. You can now find them at:

  • Project > Style
  • Project > Fonts & Colors
  • Project > Project Description…

Hope that helps!

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Got it, thanks. I got t say, I’m not a fan of going into 3 places to change these. I think of these options all at once, so I’ll be nice to change them all in one go, in one screen. My two cents.