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Which Balsamiq licence is right for my team?


I’ve been using Mockups for a while and am trialing out the Desktop Wireframes version.

I would like to get my company onboard so I can more easily share Wireframes and ideas with them.

We use Confluence and JIRA:

I think this is a hosted version?

We use JIRA to track our stories for internal stuff and for Clients. Sometimes we need to use the Client’s JIRA board but not that often.

We also stick ideas in our Confluence as wiki docs.

We don’t use Google Drive, we use MS One Drive.

Based on my experience, I’m pretty certain I would prefer to use the Desktop version of the app.

It would be really cool if I can create Wireframes with the Desktop app, attach them to JIRA tickets and/ or to Confluence pages so that I can share my ideas with colleagues and Clients.

Can I speak to someone about the best licencing options?



Hi Nick,

Happy to help you with that.

Yes, it does seem that you are using the hosted version (or Atlassian Cloud).

All versions of our product are essentially the same at the core. We offer dedicated apps for both Jira Cloud and Confluence app, so you could choose that option to wireframe directly within the Atlassian ecosystem.

However, if you believe Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop is a good choice, you can perfectly export your wireframes to PNG and then add them as images to your Jira issues and Confluence wiki pages.

In case it helps, we have this dedicated help article walking you through some options:

A 1-user license for Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop costs $89 USD but we also have volume licenses for multiple users. You can view our pricing here:

Let me know if this helps, Nick, and we can continue the conversation via or +1 (844) 662-5877.


Hi Liz

Thanks for your reply.

Do you need to choose between JIRA or Confluence? Or is the licence shared across both products?

Is it possible to move my BMPR files from the desktop version into the Atlassian Cloud version so my existing ideas can be seen in our JIRA or Confluence pages?

I’ll email you from my work email.


Hi @nmiddleweek,

Balsamiq Wireframes for Confluence (BWC) and Balsamiq Wireframes for Jira (BWJ) are separate products, licensed separately i.e. the license is not shared across products.

Moving a wireframes project from Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop (BWD) to BWC and/or BWJ is straightforward - you just create a new Balsamiq project in either and import your desktop project.

For example, if you are going from BWD to BWC see: Importing from Other Versions of Balsamiq

If you decided to stick with only BWD and you don’t have BWC or BWJ, you can still see your Balsamiq wireframes in Confluence or Jira by exporting your wireframes to PNG in the desktop app and adding those to your Confluence pages or Jira stories - however, you would not be able to edit your projects in Confluence or Jira.

Hope that makes sense, Nick? If you have any other questions, please get back to us here or drop us a line at anytime.

Hi @nmiddleweek,

I would strongly urge you to at least try out the hosted Conflunce or Jira version. (I believe there’s a free trial.) We originally bought desktop licenses, and had significant problems collaborating when more than one person worked on a project. When we started using Confluence, we found it far easier to work collaboratively for two reasons:

  • Version control: There’s no need to worry about who has the latest version–it’s always on hosted Confluence. If you’re uploading BMPR files to Confluence, you could have version control problems.
  • Live collaboration: Multiple people can work on a project simultaneously. This is especially helpful during design sprints, when 2+ people are collaboratively building a project during one day. You can immediately see what the other prototypers are doing, which is especially helpful when multiple prototypers are using the same symbol or asset.
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