Which package should I sign up for?


I’m new to Balsamiq and was hoping someone could recommend which membership package I should sign up for? If I have one website to work on will I need to have the 9 projects per month membership or will I be able to save and make significant changes to my one project?

Thank for insight!


Hi @John_Wolfe

Thanks so much for the post.

If you’re working on a single project, it’s likely that our ‘2 Projects’ plan would be sufficient for you. The full range of subscriptions for Balsamiq Cloud are described here: Balsamiq Cloud Plans & Pricing

But you don’t have to make that decision quite yet - as with all versions of our app. Cloud comes with a 30-day free trial so you can try us out for a full month before making your decision. You can sign up for the trial at your convenience here: https://balsamiq.cloud

I suggest signing up for the trial and getting back to us as questions arise, ok?

All the best,



ok, thank you. i’ll do that.