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While prototyping is there a way to have a page scroll to a specific area on that page?


For example, I’m working on a prototype where the user has to fill out a form. I have clickable areas that fill, so that is fine. The problem is when the user clicks to go to the next screen and it starts at the top pf the screen and not where the user was further down.

I’m doing this prototype for user testing and that interaction can confuse users.

Is there a way to have the page start at a specific place? So that the experience is smoother for the user?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi, Marisol. We don’t currently provide links to anchors in page, but that is a feature under consideration. Thanks for asking and I’ll put in a request for you in our tracker so we can prioritize it among the other features we’re considering. I would like to see us support it as well.

Sorry this isn’t a workaround for the moment.


Hi Mike,
Thanks for your quick reply! I look forward to the new features. This is a really cool prototyping tool.