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Why can't I paste in the exact location?



While I can appreciate the way Balsamiq can recognize spacing to paste a number of items repeatedly with equal distance, I don’t use that as often as I want to copy and place into another mockup using the exact same location of where the original items were sitting. It’s incredibly frustrating to have to go back and enter the pixel locations for an object because Balsamiq keeps shifting it when I paste…but it seems intermittent. PowerPoint, Keynote and dozens of other apps allow you to paste an item to the exact same location on a new screen from a previous screen, so this really confuses me. Is there a shortcut or something that can help me? Thanks!



Hi @GabeRealMedina!

Have you tried using “Paste In Place”? On a Mac it’s Shift+Command+V and Windows it’s Shift+Ctrl+V.

You can also see the option by clicking edit from the menubar and selecting “Paste In Place”.

Let me know if this solves your issue! :smile:


That’s exactly what I needed!!! Thanks very much @keith! :smile: