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Why is there no Comments Panel?


I am trialling Balsamiq Plugin for Confluence and was looking forward to using the Comments Panel with the rest of my team to get feedback on a mockup but it is missing. Is it supposed to be included in this version and if not is it planned to be ? If it is included can you please tell me how to enable it as I was expecting to access it from the top right hand side by clicking on the comment icon.


Hi @dom,

Thanks for reaching out about this. You can open the notes/comments panel by opening the property inspector while having no control selected on the canvas.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for that. I have seen this Notes section - however I was really meaning the Comments section that displays the person’s name and then allows people to reply to their comments underneath too. I thought I had seen an example of this somewhere -maybe on a video.



Thanks for clarifying, @dom. This feature will be available in the next major version (native) that we are preparing for our tool!

No ETA for the new plugin for Confluence Cloud but we are getting really close! Stay tuned on this page, we’ll let you all know once it’s live. :slight_smile:


OK thanks. So in the meantime what do you recommend is the best way for users to collaborate and add comments etc to a mockup (using the confluence plugin) - is it to use the “yellow post it notes” in the mockup or should we use confluence itself and use the comments in there. What I am thinking would be useful is if users can make comments and say draw arrows to what they are talking about or draw red circles around the components they are talking about etc.



I would indeed recommend using the Comment control (together with the Arrow control and more if needed). Those are great because you can easily turn them on/off using the Markup feature, as detailed on this page.

Can’t wait for you to try out our new version! Hope this helps in the meantime!