Will mybalsamiq Be upgraded?


Until now we were using Balsamiq 3 and we begin to use the mybalsamiq version. There are big differences between the two versions: Alternate version of a mockup, project symbol edition…
Is there an update to come ?
The collaborative argument with balsamiq is not (so) true. If you work on the same mockup in a team, you won’t be notified that somebody is working on it right now and you’ll lose all your time working on it when the last guy saves the mockup.


Hi @webcuriousanima,

Thanks for reaching out today.

We are indeed working on a huge update for myBalsamiq that will help harmonizing our different versions. The most part of our dev team is actually working on it and we are hoping to have more news to share in the next few months.

For now, the best way to collaborate in real time would be to use our Mockups 3 for Google drive version as it has this feature included already: https://docs.balsamiq.com/google-drive/user-guide/#collaborating-with-other-users-in-real-time

It also has the same version of the editor as the desktop version (and the exact same features). You can compare the different version from this page if needed: https://balsamiq.com/products/compare/

Sorry for the hassle that our different versions may have caused here but as I mentioned, we are working hard on harmonizing them.

Please let us know if you need any further help or information with this via support@balsamiq.com and we’ll do our best to help!


Thanks for your response. I’m happy to hear that there is an update planned. Can we have an estimation ? First half of 2016 ? Before ? :wink:


We don’t have any ETA yet @webcuriousanima. It’s a huge project and we don’t want to share anything before it’s ready.
That being said, we’ll definitely share news as soon as possible, so stay tuned! :smile:


It’s been 6 months and I can’t find any news on the progress of upgrading myBalsamiqs to v3. Has any progress been made? How are you going to handle the deprecation of Flash? Is that why there has been such a delay? Thanks.


Hey, @bwalker.

We are actually close to a closed beta for the next generation of myBalsamiq. I don’t want to make any promises in terms of a timeline, but we are hoping to have it ready by the fall.

We are on track to have all the great features of Mockups 3 for Desktop, minus the Flash dependency. We are excited :slight_smile:

We hope to talk about it more very soon!


That’s great news. Our team has been a fan of Balsamiq desktop for a few years, but have really missed 3 the last few months working in myBalsamiqs. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the update.


Any progress? We’re rapidly approaching Q4, and v3 has been out for about a year now.


I hate want to say “soon” again - I’ll be the boy that cried wolf - but it really is soon. Our goal is to have a closed beta ready to go this year.

It’s a real thing, and we cannot wait to share it with you all :).


So are you saying there won’t be any updates to myBalsamiq this year? I’ve been using myBalsamiq for a couple years now, but noticed over the past few months that the other Balsamiq products are being updated together and myBalsamiq keeps getting further behind.

Thinking you’re on a sinking ship isn’t fun, especially when you run into bugs.


I cannot stress enough how much we understand, @OrionSeven. We know that it looks like myBalsamiq has been neglected while we focused on Desktop, but the reality is that it has been getting the most love internally. It’s completely overhauled, with a native editor that has all the features of Mockups 3 for Desktop. It’s going to be really awesome.

While I don’t know if the official release of the next generation of myBalsamiq will be this year, I am fairly certain that the closed beta will be. We are very close (a lot of us have switched to using it internally). Its release date will be dependent on how long it takes to fix all the beta bugs. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry if you felt like we abandoned myBalsamiq, Bryan. We just couldn’t talk about the stuff we were working on because we first didn’t know if it would work - and then once we realized it would, we didn’t know when it would be done. We are a small team, and it has been a huge project.

I have a feeling, though, that news is coming sooner rather than later. Stay tuned… :slight_smile:


Hi Brendan, any word on this? The the blog hasn’t been updated in 3 months.

Is there a way to get on the beta? The requirement for Flash has become a problem for us.


Sorry for the lack of updates in this thread @OrionSeven. We are actually beta testing the next generation of myBalsamiq right now.

I’d be happy to add you to the list if you’re interested. :slight_smile: Just let me know!


Yes, I’d be interested.


Awesome, you’re on the list, my friend :slight_smile:


Can I get in on the Beta as well? I’ve been using myBalsamiq heavily for a few years, and have been disappointed in the lack of updates. Hopefully the new version is something my company can continue to use going forward, rather than switching to a competing platform. I’d like to try out the Beta to find out.

Also, will all of our old projects be compatible with the new version?



Absolutely Brad. You should hear from us soon. :slight_smile:

We are changing the project format in the new version (using the same project files as our desktop app), and we are working hard to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible!


Superb, thanks!


Hi, can you add me to the Beta list as well? Cheers


Sure thing @mauswe! I’ve just added you to the list and we’ll be in touch soon. :slight_smile: