Will mybalsamiq Be upgraded?


Just about to embark on new project; trying to work out if I should be working in the desktop version or give mybalsamiq another go… looks like we’ve been paying for a team license that has been untouched for over 6 months now.

I would definitely be interested in giving the BETA a whirl… even if its a little bit unstable/quirky.

PS. am user modius on account daemonite


Hi again @modius!

I’m happy to add you to the list. We are inviting people incrementally to fix as many bugs as we can along the way. We’ll be in touch soon!

Also, my colleague Natalie from the Sales team will get in touch by email to check in about your myBalsamiq site.

We’ll be here if you need anything else! :slight_smile:


Any word on when this is coming? I haven’t heard anything in the past few months.


We are in closed beta right now, Brad, and hoping for a soft launch in the next few months.

I wish I could be more specific, but we have hit a couple snags along the way. I wouldn’t want to say a more concrete date, only for something to spring up and cause us to miss it.

But we are close! We are all using Balsamiq Cloud internally. You’re gonna love it! :slight_smile:


Good morning Brendan,

Is it possible if I can be given access to the beta?

I’ve been an user of myBalsamiq for nearly 2 years now so I’d love to give some input on what you guys are working on.

No problem if not!



Hi @JMcC_95,

Thanks so much for wanting to help us with this! I’ve just added your email to the private beta list and we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop. :slight_smile:


Hi @Virgin I’d like to try out the beta. Can I have me some access to the beta, pretty please?


Sure thing, @kumarharsh! I’ve just added your email to the waiting list. :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

the last message I’ve seen in this thread is older than a month. So I just wanted to ask if there is a definite release date for the new MyBalsamiq version by now. We are an IT consulting company and we use MyBalsamiq to build Mockups for customers during the design phase. I am a big promoter of MyBalsamiq because of the ability to collaborate and also to have a central collection of all created mockups to look into. However, the new desktop version works way better than myBalsamiq and consultants are more and more turning their back to the myBalsamiq version, since its missing plenty of new useful features.

Another question that came up: we invite customers as non-staff members to discuss mockups. However, there is not really an authorization concept behind the different roles. Will there be the possibility to create own roles and assign them to users in order to only have a set of authorizations (e.g. see mockup, write comment but not edit mockup). An annotation feature directly on the images would also be very useful.

Thanks and best


Hi @Daniel_Schwarz and welcome to our forums!

While there is still no ETA for the official release of our new web version, we’re working hard on polishing it for you all and getting closer now. The private beta has started for a while and I’ll be happy to add your email to the list if you want to try it out.

About the roles: we are indeed improving this and it will be very easy to invite someone that just needs to review an comment on a project. Can’t wait for you to try it out!

We’ll be happy to help if you have any other question. :slight_smile:


@Brendan @Virgin Is there an ETA for getting in on the private beta (I’m already on the list since February)? Or news on the progress of the beta at all? Would love to hear about design goals, etc. for the new myBalsamiq, as I’m sure many others would.


Hey @OrionSeven! Please watch your inbox today for an early access to the beta for our new web version. We’re getting really close! :slight_smile: