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Windows on ARM support (e.g. Surface Pro X) for Desktop version


I have recently purchased a Surface Pro X tablet/laptop which is ARM-based (Windows). When trying 32-bit version of Balsamiq wireframe desktop version (by Surface Pro X via emulation), it takes around 30 sec for the initial screen to show up:

Question: Any plan by Balsamiq to release an ARM64 (Windows) version? Otherwise, by any chance will there be some help in terms of tackling this slow start-up issue on 32-bit version?


Hi @johnnylau34 and thanks for reaching out about this.

We don’t have any firm release plans for an ARM64 version for now but that is something we will investigate as you’re not the first person to ask about this.

I’ve just checked with our dev team and we don’t have any immediate solution about the slow start-up issue you’re reporting, unfortunately.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you today but we will investigate it with the team.

Any questions, we’re here.