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Windows Task Bar Name Starts with Mockup, Not Project Name


I often have 6-8 Balsamiq files open at any given time, and I find it confusing that the windows task bar names start with the mockup title rather than the project title. This makes it irritating to find the correct file quickly, especially as the windows task bar often has only enough space to show the mockup name. I always need to click through each file until I find the correct one.

Is there a way for me to change this on my end?


HI @Annie

Thanks so much for the post.

I want to make sure I understand your issue 100%. Would you take a look at this image and confirm that I’m on the same page:

So, right now there’s no way for you to alter the behavior here - it’s coded into the app. I’ll log an internal ticket to ask our Dev Team to take a look at switching the order. In the meantime, brainstorm and little to come up with a way for you to work round this practically yourself. You could simply manually prefix the names of your individual wireframes in the project with the project name:

It’s by no means ideal, is a little redundant and it does add a little work but it would solve the problem for the most part. Do you think that would work for you?




Yes, Alasdair, the screenshots show the issue I’m talking about. I appreciate you bringing it up with the Dev Team, I personally think it makes more sense for the mockup name and file name to be flipped!

In the meantime though, thank you for the workaround.


I second this request! It’s frustrating when you have lots of mockups open.