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Wireflows with Balsamiq


I am looking how to design some wireflows with balsamiq.

My Need is to have about 20 “ipad wireframes” displayed on the same “canevas” and create links between these wireframes using buttons or links or icons on each of theses wireframes.

It is important for me to have ONE canevas (I don’t know how Balsamiq manage that), on this canevas having all my wireframes. Of course, each of my wireframe will have the most important fields (no need to have all the fields…)

As an example, see the wireflow displayed on the top right corner of the following page :

Thanks for your help

Hello @simple45 and thanks for the post.

I think we can get close for you here but there’s one thing that concerns me. In current versions of Balsamiq Wireframes, the canvas is 10k px * 10k px which could comfortably accommodate about 80 of the built-in iPhone control if used at its default size (436px * 867px) and with a reasonable amount - say 400px horizontally and 200px vertically - between each instance of the iPhone control on the canvas.

You could create visual links between the different controls using, for example, the Arrow control like this:


The one thing, however, that we can’t do is provide working, clickable links between controls on the same canvas. We just don’t support it (by design). It’s a deliberate decision and goes to the heart of our vision of Balsamiq Wireframes as a low-fidelity wireframing tool as opposed, say, a more traditional prototyping tool. For a little background on this see:

Hopefully you can make this work? If the linking is a deal-breaker, we may not be the tool you’re looking for. Let me know if you have any other questions - always happy to help.

Hello alasdair,

I think you understand what I want to do.

I will also use Balsamig for wireframing but for now I have to prepare some high level wireflows. The more I can show links and how they will work, the best is.
Note : for now, I am using Microsoft Visio. For static things it does the work, that’s why I am looking for more dynamic actions. If you have any idea, please let me know

Another thing, I am looking for arrows with a line thickness. Do you have an idea?

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