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Wireframe for a handheld wifi scanner (RF Gun ?)

I’m trying to prototype a UI for a handhelf portable wifi scanner.
it typically looks like this

I would like to get a wireframe version that looks like it but i can’t find it in the default “containers” (i saw, ipad, iphone, smartphone, browser window, window) => but nothing looks like it.

I want people’s first impression when they evaluate the design to be “hey… that feels like home! that guy understands us”
Right now, I’m working with a severly distorded “smartphone”
but i miss a wireframe keyboard :frowning:

What would you suggest I do ?

Hi @fourchette,

Thanks for the post. A couple of crude options might be the iOS Keyboard control (although I fear the size/aspect ratio may be a problem here):


There’s also a Keyboard icon but same concern applies:


You could find a suitable keyboard graphic and add it to your project as an Image?

Could you perhaps post a screenshot or two from the actual device and I’ll have a think about a better approach?

I suggest using grayed background image to imitate the device, see my image:

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thanks alexey, i think it’s the way to go

I ended up with something like this

I’m not so happy about it, but it’s better than my previous wireframe. si i guess i’ll just live with it for now.

I wish there would be a simple way, maybe a sequence of filters in photoshop or or in inkscape a “import-me-and-do-simple-path-clicks” trick. any simple procedure to convert a photo into something that looks like a wireframe.

Any idea?

The easiest way to do so is:

  1. Paste an image from the internet into Balsamiq
  2. Apply Sketch it in the properties panel to turn the image to a black/white
  3. Add a rectangle on the top of the image and set its transparency
  4. (optionally) Group the image and rectangle and create Symbol for easy re-using

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much better than my initial attempt! thanks a lot.