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Wireframe geolocation

I have to do a wireframe to represent geolocation latitude and longitude data for a specific object.
The user will have to :

  • Search objects based on this data (locate objects)
  • Search nearst objects based on this data (locate objects)
  • Collect and register this data
    Any idea on how to represent that with Balsamiq ? it has to be representative of the reality and geolocation principles, not only some text fields.

More questions may follow.

Hi @simple45,

Thanks for the post. I’m struggling a little here as, honestly, I know next to nothing about geolocation and have no real grasp of standard geolocation principles. That said, we’re talking about UI design and we certainly can offer controls which would allow you to wireframe a UI designed to collect that kind of data and, further, show some kind of interaction flow or storyboard e.g.


While we don’t have input controls n the UI Library specific to things like, for example, latitude and longitude, you could create those from other components such as - in the following example - Label, Text Input and ComboBox:


Those demonstrate values in Decimal but if you wanted to use DMS you could use the same basic approach and maybe add a legend? e.g.


Hope I’m not too far off the mark here? Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hey @simple45,

Who the users of the app? What goals do they have? I doubt an average user uses latitudes and longitudes in real life.

You need to know real users’ needs first, then develop user flows, and only at this stage Balsamiq will be your tool. Although, I use it for user flows, as well.

Please feel free to ask more :wink:

Thanks alasdair.

Hi Alexey :

  • We are talking about a mobile application. A user has to do some operations on some “objects” on a field.
  • The system has to guide a user (search objects) to these objects based on his position and the geolocation coordinates data of the objects (that’s why I am talking about latitude and longtitude). Of course, the objet coordinates should be available in the system.
  • The system should also be able to indicate what are the nearest objects to the user.
  • During each operation, the user should be able to collect the object geolocation data and the system should be able to register it (following a logic to a backend database of course).

Is it more clear?

Hi @simple45,

Yes - I understand. For resources on wireframing generally, our Wireframing Academy site has a ton of resources which could help you get started. for example:

From there, we have help on specifics of controls which should help: UI Control Guidelines

I’m sure, once you get started, you’d get some good feedback on your project - and answers to any specific questions - either here in the forum or in the #wireframe_review channel in our Slack workspace.

Hope that helps!

Hello Alasdair,

I am not looking for how creating wireframes generally. I already did that. This is not my question at all.

Did you ready my last post, replying to Alexey questions?

You can start with “quick and dirty” user flow. I like the approach from the A shorthand for designing UI flows, which can be presented in a single image:
For your task, I can draw it roughly like this:

After approving, you need to develop wireframes, which implement the flow.

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Of course. So here, for example, you can use controls from the UI Library to build up your UI e.g.

If this is not working for you, perhaps we can take another approach - can you upload some of your wireframes and help us understand the problems you’re having? It might be easier to help once we see what you’re working with?

Thank you both.
I did not start designing. First I am analyzing and at the same time asking about Balsamiq capabilities. I will design something later.

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