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Wireframe pdf export includes specifications

Hello Balsamiq team,

I am struggling to find a way to put some documentation (specification details) that can be a table with some columns and some text under each column, and find a way to include this documentation in the same pdf export containing the wirefarmes and working with the links.

Of course, it has to be manageable.

Any idea?

I have 2 suggestions:

  1. Add your documentation to the project Notes and include Notes in the PDF export:


  1. Add your documentation onto the canvas in a Markup control which you can toggle on and off to include/exclude from the PDF export:

If you prefer the specification text to appear differently, you can use any control you like and treat it as Markup.

Where can I insert notes, I am not finding that. Can you show a screeshot?

And I am not finding the Markup object as well

Project Notes appear in The Property Inspector when you have no controls on the canvas selected e.g.

A subset of the UI Library controls are defined as Markup. You can filter the UI Library to see only those controls like this:

And, if you prefer to use a different control but have it behave as Markup, you can do that! See: Making Items Markup and Non-Markup

Project notes : Thanks, I was on the inspector with controls selected, that’s why :slight_smile:

Marckup: ok I see. I already used comments without knowing that they are part of marckups. And how can I add the red sticker?

It’s important to stress there are two types of ‘Comment’:

  1. The Comment control which is in the UI Library:

The red sticker is part of the Comment control.

  1. Comments (with optional callouts) in The Comments Panel:

I don’t have what you are explaining…

You are using the Wireframe skin in your project. You can see the setting in the Project Info Panel:


If you switch to the Sketch skin, the appearance of the Comment control will change to look more sketch-y :slight_smile:

I am unsing an ipad container. With, the Sketch Skin, My Ipad has a black color background (on the pdf export also). Don’t like it ! Can I change this color?

It’s not possible to change the color of that control using either skin but, if it’s a problem for you, you could just grab a screenshot (or PNG export) of the iPad control at the appropriate size, crop it and add it to your project as an image? e.g.

No, I don’t want to do that and start manipulating the containers.
But why the red sticker is appeaing only on the Sketch skin mode?

I understand. In that case, unfortunately, there’s no way to change the appearance of the built-in iPad control.

The controls appear different between Sketch and Wireframe mode to differentiate them - in Sketch the controls are a little rougher and in Wireframes they’re a little ‘cleaner’.

Thanks Alasdair. It answers my questions.

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