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Wireframes in a prototype

I am looking for preparing a prototype with Balsamiq. The result should be demoed on customer. desktop. The customer does not have balsamiq. The wireframes will have many links between them.

I guess, I will have to export the project into pdf?

Is an export to micrososft word supported to have a demo with the links between wireframes working?


PDF export is the easiest way to share prototype with links.
From my experience, though, it’s MUCH better to conduct live demo, when you can explain details and collect immediate feedback from a client. Then you can send them a PDF.

Balsamiq supports full screen presentation with CTRL + F shortcut.

Then, wo way to include the prototype (with demo) into a word doc?

I am asking that, because we have some documentation merge to do…

You can either export project to PDF and convert it to Word, or:

  1. Export wireframes to PNG
  2. Insert the images to a document (Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  3. (optionally) Insert the links between images / pages

I mostly use the second option, see the fragment of the documentation with wireframes:

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