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Wireframes ReferenceError: gapi is not defined


I am trying to open Balsamiq Wireframes on google drive, and I could not load Balsamiq no matter which url I tried to access (

I am receiving an alert message with the following message:

Clearing browsing data (all cookies and local storage), changing to a different google account on the same device does not fix the problem.

stacktrace is as follows:

balsamiq.m4gd.0-0.22.js:2123 Uncaught ReferenceError: gapi is not defined
    at Object.load (balsamiq.m4gd.0-0.22.js:2123)
    at ?state={"ids":["14lvbIPxv6nYmgyoeyA_MGat7ALPYA1rZ"],"action":"open","userId":"117229498999497287451"}:218
load @ balsamiq.m4gd.0-0.22.js:2123
(anonymous) @ ?state={"ids":["14lvbIPxv6nYmgyoeyA_MGat7ALPYA1rZ"],"action":"open","userId":"117229498999497287451"}:218
?state={"ids":["14lvbIPxv6nYmgyoeyA_MGat7ALPYA1rZ"],"action":"open","userId":"117229498999497287451"}:215 [Violation] 'load' handler took 4249ms

My browser is Chrome.

Speaking of cookies, I am in deep need of chocolate chip cookies.


Hi @TsubasaK111 and sorry for the trouble with this one.

We’ve had a similar report in the past and the error seems to be generated by a conflict with other Chrome plugins/extensions (e.g. Disconnect).

Let’s try to launch the app from an Incognito Chrome window or from another browser: does it work fine there?

If it does, it is likely a similar issue so you may want to try disabling each extension one by one to find the one causing this.

Please let us know if the error persists on your end and we’ll dig deeper!

PS: Now I want chocolate cookies too! :cookie:


Thanks for the quick response Virgin!

You were completely spot on, I have the Disconnect plugin enabled on all of my chrome accounts :man_facepalming:

Whitelisting the site / disabling the plugin fixes the issue.

Realization of the day:
cookies don’t have skin color, and hence are not skin color adjustable.
:cookie: :cookie: :cookie: