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Wireframes to go - error with "Flow Charts" project/collection


I’m trying to import the “Flow Charts” project/collection from Wireframes to go, but I get an error:

I don’t get this error with other projects/collections, so it must be something specifically with this one.

Please advise.


Hi @123mdv and sorry for the hassle.

I’ve just tried to reproduce it but I could import those on my end. Could you please share more details so that we can help to solve the issue on your end:

  • Which Balsamiq product are you using?
  • Which browser and OS are you using? Have you tried a different browser?

We’ll do our best to help!

HI @virgin,

It’s Windows 10 Pro 1903. I get the error with Chrome, but not with Firefox, so it’s browser-related. This is a good workaround for me, but i guess it still needs to be solved at some point.


Hi @123mdv and thanks for sharing more details.

I’ve just tried on my Windows 10 machine and I could import it to my Balsamiq Cloud project without any issue.

Would you mind trying to clear your cache to see if it helps?

If the issue persists, then it might be a specific extension that causes the issue. Are you able to import it if you use an Incognito window?