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Wireframes with links - Export to pdf

I am not understanding what is happening with the pdf export result when I want to not show linking hints but still want to be able to click on the object and be redirected to other wireframes.
I know that I am able to do that through a presentation mode but my need is to be able to do that from a pdf.
Seems like if in the export to pdf options, if I have :

  • Shrink to fit a page (I want each wireframe on a separate page)
  • Show linking hints = No (I don’t want to have hints, I want the wireframe to be as in reality)

In the pdf result, the objects where I have links are not “clickable”

Links should work, there is no option to disable these :wink:

Make sure your PDF viewer supports the links. You can share your PDF here, I can check it on my side.

Thanks Alexey.

It is really wierd.

  1. Sometimes, it is not clickable at all. In this case seems like it is related to the dimension of the clickable object?

  2. And sometimes, it is showing me arrows on the object. I am trying to attach the pdf export under this topic but I can’t find where to do it?Export4.pdf (51.2 KB)

Use this icon to attach PDF

Done. The links are on the wireframe3. The arrows you see on this wireframes are not designed by me. They appear on the objects where links exist…

I see the links as gray arrows in the PDF (in Chrome browser), and they work. I should say, these arrows are great signifiers of the clickable objects.

You also can share your .bmpr file, so I can look into the source.

No, it is not great :slight_smile:

  • In the version I just sent, the links are working but I don’t want to have these arrows displayed. 3 arrows on the same button, it makes no sens.
    This is only an example. My wireframes will contain a lot of links, imagine all these arrows on the pdf demoied to a client :). I am trying to convince my depart to use Balsamiq but with this behaviour, for sure, it will not be used…
    May be it is related to some options on my pdf viewer? I hope it is that…

  • I will send you another version where the links are not working at all. Let me prepare it.

Note : we are trying to switch to a “dynamic” wireframing tool. If the links are not working perfectly, the tool will not be taken…

The bmpr is attached. Can you take a look?Project 1.bmpr (164 KB)

Haven’t found any problems neither with the .bmpr, nor with exported PDF, can you check it, please.
New Project 1_1.pdf (50.9 KB)

I’m on Win 7, Balsamiq Desktop, v 4.0.42

  1. Opening your pdf is ok. So, this problem is not related to my pdf viewer
    Seems like it is related to my balsamiq export, but what exactly ?:
  • I am using the trial version precisely because I am evaluating if we will opt for balsamiq or not
  • I am on the desktop version : 4.0.26
  1. Seems like it is related to export options. If, I choose “Optimize for viewing on screen”, I have the pdf without the grey arrows (see the attached Export5.pdf) BUT :
  • My buttons are red !
  • A line is apperaing on button2 (what is this line?)
  • If I navigate from Button1 to the wireframe1, the redirection is not getting the top of the wireframe1.

I have to understand why it is like that? and until now I am not getting your results…

Any idea and/or help is welcome…Export5.pdf (51.1 KB)

Hey @simple45.

It didn’t show up as checked in your screenshot, but are you checking “show link hints” in the PDFs you’re exporting? Those arrows (and the red boxes) are link hints.

It looks like you’re on an old version of the desktop app. I don’t recall there being an issue with link hints in that version, but there may have been. When you have a moment, grab the latest version of the app, and see if the link hint issue persists.

I don’t want to show any hint or any arrow on the pdf export. I just want it to be as the real webpage will be… (Please see the first replys…of the topic).

@simple45 Oh sorry, Simple, that’s what I was trying to explain. If you aren’t selecting the option to show link hints on your export, let’s try updating to the latest version.

Neither Alex’s or my test exports show the link hints, so there may be a bug with the version you’re using. Let’s see if updating fixes it.