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Wish: h# options for titles + multiline


Hi, this is my first post, sorry if whishlist posts don’t belong here, feel free to remove or re classify :slightly_smiling:

I wish Titles would reflect more what happens in real life: more options for importance, and possibility of making a title span accros multiple lines.

Even if it’s very HTML-related, one title element with H1 to H6 options would be useful, to replace/ipdate the Title and Subtitle symbols.

As for now, my title and subtitles are cheats or just text blocks:

That would help everything : maintenance, better architecture, closer to the final product specs.

Thanks a ton for listening!


Hi @vincent-b,

Thanks for reaching out today, definitely the right place for sharing your suggestions with us!

Totally get your need here, I’ve added this request to our internal tracker so we can review and consider it with the team. As usual, if others would like to see this feature, please let us know by adding your like or comment.

In the meantime, using \r in your Title control will allow you to make it a multiline control if needed, as shown below:

Thanks again for sharing your idea with use today @vincent-b. Please let us know if you need anything else, we’re always happy to help however we can! :smile:


Ah that’s neat, there’s a solution for my titles :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!