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Wondering why no dates show in the forum postings


Just wondering why there are no dates showing on the forum postings. (There’s an elapsed time age, but that’s not the same as a date…) Is this a policy thing, or a limitation “feature” of the forum software? :slight_smile:


Judging by what I’m seeing around, this is a feature of the discourse forums software. I wonder if we can hack a change in there without breaking something…

I’ll look around and see if there is a safe way to do that.


Hey again @Kevin :slight_smile:

Mike pointed out a something to me about this: if you hover over the elapsed time, it will show you the exact date.

I wasn’t seeing it at first because there is a weirdly long delay on Chrome, for whatever reason. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Forum software is weird… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Brendan, thanks for the tip! Yes, that’s a very weird feature. As you know, that “feature” probably had to go through various committee meetings etc before being carefully programmed into the software – hard to believe that people DECIDED to do things that way.

My best guess is that they didn’t want to show old dates for some reason.

Thanks again for your support – you did an excellent job!